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Very Wide Black Suede Belt

60mm Wide Black Suede Belt

Emerald Green Suede Ring Belt

Navy Blue Suede Link Belt

Pale Blue Suede Belt

Wide Brown Suede Belt with Python Keeper

Suede Keeper Belt Fastens with Studs

More pics and details coming soon.


Very Wide Black  Suede Belt

100mm Fastens with a 70mm Buckle



Full Length Sheepskin Coat1
Popular Classic Style Flying Jacket
Snow Queen Toscana Shearling Hat
TS1 Tan Leather Corset Belt
4BLC 353848P Black & White Hair Cowhide Belt
50mm Python Snakeskin Belt

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Wide Black  Suede Belt

Fastens with a 60mm Buckle




Emerald Green  Suede Belt

Fastens with Silver Colour Rings




Narrow Navy Suede Belt

30mm Fits waist 31 - 33 inches

Fastens with Studs   35  ON HOLD



Wide Pale Blue  Suede Belt

70mm Fastens with a Buckle




Wide Brown Suede Belt

82mm Fits waist 28 - 31 inches   

Fastens with Studs     65



Wide Brown Suede Belt

Showing the Stud Fastening



Wide Python with Diamante Studs

Ladies suede belts in all sizes and many colours are usually available to order in the different styles with buckle, keeper or ring fastenings.

The  suede colours  page linked from the  materials page  is in need of an update but shows some of the many suede colours usually available. If I do not have the colour in stock it might take a while as I like to pick out the suede skins myself and only visit my supplier a few times a year.

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