Ladies Wide Leather Corset Belts

My first leather corset belts originated from a template sent to me by a customer for a custom design corset belt. This design is proving popular in two widths. The narrower corset belt has a main belt strap of 4.25 inches wide increasing to 5 inches at the front and the wider corset belt has a main strap of 5 inches wide increasing to 5.75 inches at the front.  I have now added a new double buckle design with buckles either side of the main belt strap. This has a 4 buckle design with a 3.5 inch back and 4.5 inch front and a six buckle design with a 4.5 inch back and 5.5 inch front. If you would like a cutting of the leather to see the colour and texture accurately please email your address and choice of leather.

Double Buckle Corset Belts

Single Buckle Leather Corset Belts

Corset Belts are not available to order straight away at the moment.

The current collection is sold but I hope to make a new collection during summer 2016

I have various buckles 20mm 25mm and 30mm suitable for the leather corset belts shown here Buckles for Corset Belts

So if its a wide leather corset belt you’re looking for do please get in touch as I might be able to make one for you with my new collection.

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